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More Yeast?

So, I just pitched one 11.5g packet of US-05 on about 5.5 gallons of 1.063 wort; Mr. Malty says I should use 1.2 packets. I have two packets, but it seems like a waste to open one and only use 20% of it. But, I’ll do it if I risk off flavors due to under pitching. Thoughts?

I would not worry about it. 1 pack for me.

Works for me! :cheers:

should be fine. most people under-pitch by a lot more, and come up with good beer. S-05 ferments like a monster, i would just pitch 1

Right on…I ended up just pitching a little extra. It kept eating at me! Any hope that the remaing yeast are uncontaminated and useable down the road?

sometimes a little peace of mind is worth it :cheers:

as cheap as S-05 is. i wouldnt re-use it. but that’s just me. (in other words: i don’t know if it would stay good)

I would toss the rest in the trash can or yard/garden/flower bed/compost pile.

Or add it to your next boil kettle as yeast nutrient, which there is debate if it actually is usable.

Good call Nighthawk. Maybe I’ll make slug traps with it…they’re eating all the strawberries!

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