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More yeast at bottling time?

i have just put my first batch of home brew(a double ipa) in my seconday and plan on bottling the first week of January. My question is do i need to add more yeast for carbonation after such a long secondary. as i said i am very new to this and any help yall could give me would be a great. Thanks!

Why are you planning on such a long secondary?

If you have a high ABV IIPA (10%) or above you may want to add a little yeast although it is probably not necessary.

I think that you will find a lot of the advice here will be to skip the long secondary.

It wouldn’t hurt to add dry yeast at bottling. 1/4 - 1/2 pack just for insurance.

If you don’t add a little fresh yeast, you’ll be posting here asking what to do to fix your under-carbed beer.

And make sure you choose a yeast that has an easy tolerance for the estimated bottling ABV, or you’ll be waiting a long time for the carbonation.

I used Safale US-05 for reinoculating an Old Ale estimated at 11.5% or higher ABV. It’s barely hissing at 3 weeks in the bottle. Lesson learned the hard way.

Alright thanks so much for the tips. the long secondary is because i work off shore and am normaly only gone for 4 weeks but i got told after i got out here i hade to stay for 10 hence the long secondary. hopefuly things will turn out alright with the beer because of this. once again thanks.

I made a batch of the 115th hop dream, came out around 9.5%

I added a half packet of cheap muntons dry yeast and mine carbed up perfectly in 2 weeks. Didn’t re-hydrate, just straight into the bottling bucket and stirred.

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