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More Johnson control probs

Newly purchased and set up per inst. worked great for two weeks while testing it out,checked it every day. Now 3 days before brewing my first lager I discover it no longer works. Display blinks 67 degrees ( so it gets ac) but does not allow AC to pass through to fridge any longer. It was set and maintaining 53, +/- 4 F. Took it out of line and fridge works fine, compressor ok. Tried leaving it unplugged…maybe to reset?..still just blinks temp.

Any thoughts? And yes I’ve already read all the negatives!

Odd. The only time I’ve seen a blinking temperature, it’s when I’m setting the temp that it maintains. You tried pushing the button in the middle?

I’ve had a bad sensor probe. It doesn’t blink a temperature, instead it reads a really high temp – 250F or something like that.

You may also just have a bad sensor and can probably return it for a new one if you bought from NB or something like that.

Thanx for info!

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