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More fun with liquid yeast

Phat Tyre Ale and Belgian Dubbel extracts, both with the recommended Wyeast smack packs. Was planning on doing the former first, but the smack pack didn’t expand as expected. Luckily, a local supply store had Safale US-05 in stock, so I tossed that in a yeast starter on Friday, 3/20. Out of curiosity, tried the Wyeast 1214 for the Dubbel and it expanded as expected. Well, quarantined, so why not do two batches in one day? Anyways, as of today (Sunday, 3/24), the Phat Tyre yeast is happily working away and the Dubbel? Not a thing. I’ve agitated the carboy, but no activity in the airlock and the wort is smooth as glass. The local supplier has a pretty limited variety of yeast. Is there an acceptable alternative? Or should I order the Safale BE-256 from Northern? Will my beer deteriorate sitting there waiting for the yeast?

Thanks in advance.

You could just sanitize and scoop out from the active one and put in the inactive one… Really… The longer a wort sits and the yeast doesn’t start working is what makes me nervous…

What temperature did you pitch at and what temperature are they now.
I never worry about a smack pack inflating or not. I fail to pop the food bag inside half of the time I use them

Well, it seems to have taken off sometime last night so I’m resting a bit easier, but that was really making me nervous as well. When more and more kits are showing “out of stock”, one can’t afford to have a batch go rogue.

Probably ~75 when I pitched. It’s 67 now, using an infrared thermometer on the outside of the carboy, so give or take a few. The temp stays pretty consistent in my brewing area, at least at this time of year. 66 when I came down this morning. After the heater has run for awhile it’ll top at about 70. The smack pack probably had close to 24 hours after activation before I pitched it. The dry yeast a few hours less. Just trying something different, but I guess I’m finding myself most comfortable when I’ve got a yeast starter going and I can watch the action.

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