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The Onion’s AV Club did a “taste test” segment on the on tap stuff. They’re clearly not beer experts, but they were smart enough to not like it. Part of me is tempted to try it. I have a sick fascination with terrible ideas. ... ve,101068/

Oh yeah. That was real conclusive. :roll:

I think that stuff is the new prank that seemed hysterical before you pulled it.

Dude… look… That chick is HOT!

What chick? Where?!

squirt< Aww, she just left. So how’s that beer?

Yeah I like the way they just said that they didn’t like it and gave no reason. Lol

Double post sorry

I’d like to try the stuff. Not that I think it’s a good idea… Just curious.

It would be an interesting science experiment. But, if I’m only left with poor quality beer as a choice, I will generally choose wine or a cocktail or water. I just don’t want to waste time, money or calories on junk.

Seems like this is an attempt to dress up a pig. No offense to pigs.

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