More bubbling

After about 4 days of strong fermentation, my wit stopped bubbling. I thought it was done, but then yesterday on day 8, I gave it a good shake in the morning just to make sure all the gas was out and everything. Well, it started bubbling again vigorously. I peeked, and it still has a big head if kreusen, and now it’s still going a day later. I’ve never had such a a strong second wind. Is this normal? Maybe the lid just got resealed when I shook the bucket?
Anyway, I’m worried there are nasties eating stuff they shouldn’t be, cause its not such a heavy beer that it should take the yeast so long!
Thanks for any encouragement!

Take a gravity sample and taste it.

Hi, the last time the beer should be shook is when yeast is pitched. After that, any oxygenation can harm the beer.

So, I’m not sure what you’ve re-invigorated there with the bubbling. It could be a combination of degassing, and a small re-fermentation.

I doubt it’s any signs of infection, unless something outside got in.

In the final beer, be aware for oxidation notes in the flavor.

If he shook it before opening it, he should be safe because the airspace should be CO2 and not O2.

If it’s all co2, then it’s just degassing, like Patriot said.

You got no problems… let this thing settle down, test your fg, and move forward! Enjoy.

Patriot… I’m also from MA, good to meet a local boy on here! cheers.
(go Pats)

Go pats!

Gonna be a tough game, a good litmus test.

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