Mold or yeast?

Does anyone know if this is mold or yeast and if the beer is still good. It started about 4 days after I added dry hops during the secondary fermentation process.

Sorry to say it, but the fuzzy rings look like mold growth. Don’t dump the beer though, it may still turn out to be good. Take precautions not to cross contaminate any of your other equipment.

I agree with flars, this one MIGHT be ok if you can rack from underneath the mold. Most infections are shot through the entire brew, but mold for the most part is on the surface and needs O2 to survive. If you can, get it into a smaller container, assuming it still tastes good.

Yup, that’s mold. I had this a few times when I got too comfortable (lazy) with my cleaning practices. The beer was still good as I managed to rack the beer from below and stop before getting it mixed in.

Thanks for the replies. I was using a large mouth carboy so I was able to get most of the mold off with a ladle and then racked from the bottom and left the top inch or so.

I wouldn’t use a ladle. You will stir mold into it like that no matter how you do it. I would just carefully put your syphon through the moldy layer and suck out the beer below.