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Mold on top of blueberries in secondary

I added blueberries to the secondary of a blueberry wheat about a month ago. My goal was to keep them a week but something came up and couldn’t get to it until today. I went to rack and there is mold (I believe) on top of the layer of blueberries.

Outside of the intense blueberry flavor, will I get anything from the mold? Off flavors, death? :smiley:


Can’t really tell from the picture, but the white stuff looks like yeast/bacteria to me.

I would rack the beer off and leave behind the blueberrys and whatever that is then just taste the beer. You will know if it has been infected. People cut the mold off blocks of cheese and still eat it all the time so who knows.

I am never happy with fruit beers I have made. Seems like they are always too astringent, sour, not enough fruit flavor… Kind of gave up on them.

hard to tell it could be mold or it could be a pellicle forming to from some wild yeast on the fruit

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