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Mold on my Rye Malt?

Today I bought a 10lb bag of briess rye malt from my LHBS. When I got home and was putting my stuff away I noticed that there seems to be a slight greenish hue to the malt in the bag. I don’t remember rye looking that way. And if it is mold, what about using it? The LHBS is small and I think I bought the last of what they had. I want to brew on Tues…

Any thoughts?

Need more information… Smell it. Taste it (one grain maybe.)

If you think it’s moldy, don’t use it. Research how the Salem witch trials may have been caused by moldy rye!

yeah, ergot.I know. I thought maybe the heat of the mash would kill it…

Boiling might kill mold, but it wouldn’t remove any toxins or off-flavor created by mold.

Malted rye isn’t tan like malted barley, you could say it has a greyish color. You should be able to tell the difference. Mold will be on the surface and rub off.

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