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Mold in bottles

Gave a friend some homebrew and asked to drink for a glass not the bottle so clean up would be easier. However, I neglected to have him rinse the bottles of beer and spit, etc. The bottles he returned(after a couple weeks) all have a white mold in the bottom, Will Starsan or PBW kill it or do I need to pitch my bottles? What about bleach? Thanks guys.

I always though the “white stuff” was settled yeast etc. Regardless I would clean/soak in PBW and follow up with a starsan soak just before bottling.

I have had that happen. Just put a little water in the bottom of the bottle and let it sit a couple hours to loosen things up, then give it a good shake, dump and rinse. A bottle blaster is a wonderful thing to get bottles and carboys clean.
… and, of course, sanitize just before filling.

I’ve had good luck with an overnight soak in Oxy Clean followed by triple rinsing with hot water to get the really nasty stuff out. Still have to sanitize immediately before filling.

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Whenever I get back ‘scummed up’ bottles I give them a good soak in hot water plus Oxyclean/PBW or even Dawn. Plus a glug of bleach. Make sure you triple rinse well afterwards. And that person joins the list of people I will be reluctant to give homebrew in the future. Do it twice and you’re blacklisted.

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I still buy beer, so when I get scummy bottles, I pitch them in the recycling.
I even stopped asking for the empties back.

I still buy beer too. I suspect many of us do, but removing labels is a pain.

Removing labels is super easy.

Oxyclean and hot water in a Home Depot “homer bucket” or similar; soak the bottles for a couple hours. (I usually go overnight.)

When you come back all the normal* labels will be off, and just floating around. You may need a little light rub with a sponge or washcloth to get the las off the glue off, but it’s really that simple.

*Some brands use insane glue or wired plastic labels, or even painted labels. Just don’t bother with these. If you soak overnight, and the label is barely loose, just recycle it.

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I’ve tried a variety of things, but not Oxyclean. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

+1 on the Oxy Clean

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