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Because, No, I don’t want to buy your counterfeit Nike shoes…
and No, I don’t want to buy your counterfeit jerseys…

As someone who ran a gaming forum for a few years, I can tell you that the spammers have a tendency to work far faster than admins/mods on a site (unless you have a bunch of them who are retired or work a job where they’re always on the computer). And it’s a pain to clear all of their garbage too. My job was somewhat easier as a lot of the spammers work from foreign countries where the gaming clan I was running had no interests. So I’d look up the IP, block the whole range, then delete the account and all posts. Of course, towards the end there were so many blocked IP addresses that it would take awhile for the page to load so I could block more…

Bottom line?

Spammers suck. Drink more beer! :cheers:


Bottom line?

Spammers suck. Drink more beer! :cheers: [/quote]

+1 and amen to that!

Anyone remember if there was a CAPTCHA at registration? Because if an actual human being registered in order to make those posts, they clearly haven’t learned the finer points of targeted advertising.

I don’t remember if there was one on here, but I know the gaming forum I ran had a CAPTCHA and required email verification and there were still a ton of spammers getting through that listed the same sorts of things that get on here. Random stuff that has nothing to do with the forum it’s posted on. FWIW, most of the spammers that I’ve seen get through all that come from places like Ukraine, Russia and China.

I’m not certain where the other moderators are for the past week or so. P-J Paul Muth used to spend countless hours taking care of this as he is retired and very savvy with the pc. I have not heard from him in a while.
I would take more care of this but I am blocked from this site on my company pc and my iPhone is not so easy to use for cleaning up spammer posts. I have a new promotion which takes more time than my previous position so the only time I can delete spammers is at home.

Congrats Greg!

Congrats Greg![/quote]Thanks moose. Now let me get rid of some of those pesky critters.

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