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Mocktoberfest boil screwup

I’m brewing a Moctoberfest this morning. Same recipe as my Oktoberfest but using Wy1007. I forgot it was a 90 minute boil due to the pilsner in the bill. Dumped my bittering hops in as the boil began.

BS2 says I’ll bet about an increase in IBU of about 1.2 by boiling my bittering hops 90 mins. Shouldn’t be a big deal right? Or should I just shorten the boil to 60?

I wouldnt sweat 1.2 IBU. I doubt there is anyone on the planet who can detect that increase with an amount of accuracy.

Yea I was really looking for support for a 60 minute boil. I guess Denny wasn’t on…

I was using my new partially complete brew rig and realized I also didn’t really produce enough wort for 90 minute boil so I cut it off at 60. Seems like I’m losing some volume due to water/wort being trapped in the pump, lines and chiller as well. Got to work on fine tuning the process again now.

I realize this comes too late for the brew in question, but perhaps this will ease your mind:


Yeah, no biggie. The way I see it, are the AA on the package really 100% accurate?

If your boil was semi-rigorous, you’ll be fine with 60 minutes. The 90-minute-boil-for-pilsner-beer-or-drink-corn theory is proving to be hokum in my brewery.

Your wort will be fine sir, and all things equal, your beer will be great. You’ll learn something either way.

Thanks for the feedback guys. It was a pretty rigorous boil actually. I just built a new brew rig and relocated my bayou classic jet burner into it with a kettle sized heat shield and I swear it’s even hotter and more efficient this way. It was turned almost off and still kept a rigorous boil going. I was debating what my second burner would be but considering how cheaply I can get another just like it seems like a no brainer at this point.

Any pics of the new rig?

Mr. Octabird
American Made!

[quote=“Octabird”]Any pics of the new rig?

Mr. Octabird
American Made![/quote]

It’s functional but not yet finished. I need to paint the frame and add a couple more heat shields and the diamond plate bottom shelf. The small 9 galloon kettle will be the HLT, the 16 gallon kettle will be the BIAB MT and BK.

I BIAB in the kettle with a more traditional mash ratio, then sparge to get my pre-boil so the HLT will expedite and simplify the sparge and cleanup.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out so far. Since I store my equipment in the brew cave storage area about 30 feet from the outdoor stair well where I brew the rolling rig simplifies setup and take down and reduces the number of trips I make back and forth.

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