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Mocha Stout

This is the rough “back of the envelope” start to a recipe. I don’t do a whole lot of dark beers, maybe 1-2/yr. I would welcome any thoughts.

5.5 gal

Base malt: M.O.
1 lb Flaked Barley
12 oz choc malt
8 oz crystal (undecided, prob split 80/120)
8 oz carapils
4-6 oz roasted barley

Mash at about 152, Shoot for O.G. of 1.055-1.058

35 IBU from 60 min addition

8z cocao nibs and 4 oz coffee, probably to secondary. Might add a portion of a vanilla bean as well.

Thinking of just using WY1056, just to get a clean fermentation and let the other roasted/choc/coffee flavors come through.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

How much Maris Otter are you putting into this batch? If you went 9 lbs, which would be 75% of the grain bill, you should hit the higher end of your targets and keep this batch from better overly bitter.

Any particular reason with using the carapils?

I would consider moving your crystal malts around to add some of the sweeter crystal malts. A lot of bitterness going on with some of the malts and adjuncts so it may benefit from something that will soften it up.

Your choice of yeast should do well for the results you want.

I’ve had success with Willamette and Tettnanger hops in darker beers that don’t alter the malt and adjunct flavors too much.

Other than that it looks like a solid basic stout.


M.O.: 9 would be about right, I’ll have to factor in my mash eff (~83%) and see what that gives me.

Carapils: I’ve used it before in my stouts. I figure it will add some body. I like to not go overboard with the flaked barley, so 1 lb flaked plus 1/2 lb carapils is where I’m at.

Crystal: Interesting thought. I could use 60L instead. Some (but not too much) sweetness would probably bring out the chocolate too. But I am not going for a sweet stout.

As for amount of roasted grains, I might go with a chocolate malt : roasted barley ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 and see how much is needed to get to a color of about 27. It doesn’t need to be jet black though.

Recipe looks good to me, I am currently drinking a mocha stout I brewed a month or two ago. I suggest taking samples every few days until you get the coffee contribution you are happy with. Also, I have found that cacao nibs take a while to impart flavor/aroma, so you may consider bagging them and just leaving them in the keg, and even then it’s not the chocolate flavors/aromas most people expect. If you are after chocolate flavors and aromas you might consider using a chocolate extract. I would recommend the one that NB sells, cheaper and more aromatic and flavorful than more expensive ones I’ve tried.

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