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Mobile Brew Pub

This article:

Got me thinking, there might be a market for a mobile brewpub, you know at concerts, ballgames and other parts of town where craft beer is under-represented. (And if you added a stripper pole, you would have a complete entertainment package on wheels) :lol:

With food carts all the rage in Austin these days, I looked into do a brewpub in a large trailer (like a semi), but unfortunately it won’t fly, at least in Texas - you have to have a permanent address for the license.

Reminds me of the business plan I presented to the local planning commision for a combination bait store, sandwich shop, massage parlor. For some reason they did not share my vision for “Robb’s Rubs Subs and Grubs”. Think about it.

Portland has one.

Brewery website

[quote=“Chaz”]Portland has one.

Brewery website


Nice, but no stripper poles.

Or with pedals…


I’ve seen the pedalpub before. It’s a cool idea, but it is WAY to hilly around here for that! (plus the strippers would get too tired) :smiley:

Something like this:

[quote=“Glug Master”]Something like this:


O-M-G! That’s IT!

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