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MO vs Golden Promise

If you had to pick between Maris Otter and Golden Promise for brewing bitters and stouts, which way would you go? I’ve used MO quite a bit, but have never used GP. I hear it’s fantastic.

I like that GP is a little lighter in color, making it potentially a bit more versatile, but how does the flavor compare to MO?

I use MO a lot.

I bought a sack a couple years ago to brew skotrat’s Traquair House clone and use the remaining GP in a couple other beers.

I liked it quite a bit - more toasty and crisp malt flavor rather than the sweeter, rounder flavor of MO. I probably would have used it a lot more if it wasn’t a special order item at the time.

Now I order online for the most part, so hmmm…maybe a scotch ale is in the works…

It is supposedly the Scottish equivalent to MO. I haven’t tried it and I don’t know if Fawcett has been compared to Simpson or others, but that is worth knowing if you are buying a whole sack to try it. Best of luck and let us know what your thoughts are on the finished product!

Good point regarding the malting company. Fawcett is my only option for GP. For MO, I think they offer Fawcett and Baird’s. I’ve only used Crisp MO.

At least I know who the malting companies are–unlike on many homebrew supply websites these days. :wink:

It’s my opinion that GP is a little sweeter and richer than MO and if I had only one to use it would be GP.

I bought a sack of Thomas Fawcett’s Golden Promise a couple of months ago, and have used it in all my recent beers. In my opinion, it’s cleaner and less nutty than MO (or not nutty at all), so it’s a bit more versatile, but has less character. I’m not sure I’d agree that it’s sweeter, as it can produce a dry beer if you mash low.

It’s a great malt. More people should try it.

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