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Mixing Yeast

Could a person mix 2 types of yeast in a beer? I dont know why I would, just curious if it could be done? Fore example the Barleywine kit that the host sells calls for either NeoBrit or US-05…what if you pitched 1 of each??


A lot beers are pitched with two yeast. Saisons for example, the Belgian saison yeast is pitched, then something neutral like California ale to help it attenuate.

Most sour beers have two yeast pitched. And there are yeast out there that are blends already. Cream ale yeast is a blend of ale and lager yeast, american ale blend is a blend of multiple yeast, as is belgian saison blend. And others as well.

You may use a less attenuating yeast for the main yeast flavor then a more attenuating yeast to low the gravity at the end.

Although Muddywater is correct, if you were to pitch those two yeasts in the same beer, one would dominate. Pitching multiple yeasts for a sour is a different process. You usually pitch a second yeast after the first has done most of the attenuating. If you are looking to get a beer with flavors from both yeasts, what I like to do is split the batch into 2 different fermentors and pitch one yeast in each. After primary fermentation is complete, blend them back together. This will give you a true blend of the 2 yeasts. I am currently drinking a Belgian Wit that I did this too. Pitched Wyeast Belgian Wit in 5 gallons. Pitched Forbidden Fruit in the other 5 gallons. Fermented for 2 weeks, then blended the two back together right in the kegs. You’ll get characteristics of both this way. If I were to just pitch both in 10gals, one would dominate as would it’s characteristics.

Both Wyeast and White Labs sell yeast blends.

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