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Mixing port wine with Beer

Im sure its been tried and am interested in results my fellow home brewers have had. I was reading on AHA blackbeery baltic porter best of beer and mead. Got me to thinking and wondering why not add port wine to secondary to add fruit flavor to beer

I guess no one has any ideas on this.

I was hoping for something. I’m planning on brewing a set of 4 beers for our World Cup group. USA (american pale ale) and Germany (lager) are no brainers. Ghana and Portugal are tougher. Portugal I was going to use Port wine in something, but for the most part the commercial beers aged in wine barrels I have drank have been poor.

Ghana? The easy out is a porter with coffee from there. I’m still researching this one.

Why would you want to ruin a good Port? :?

I bet it would go well in a Dubbel. I’d probably add it post-fermentation in the keg after experimenting with a few glasses to figure out the dosage.

Actually, there is an Irish beer “cocktail” (I wish I could remember it’s name now, but I can’t) that’s one pint of stout with one shot of port wine. The O’Hanlon brewing company actually bottled their version of it a decade ago or so. It didn’t last long on the US market, as I recall. I can’t remember what that beer was called either :frowning:

Sounds weird, but hell I’d give it a try. This is the time of year I see people drinking “Irish Car Bombs” Now I like Jameson and I like Bailey’s and I love Guinness but all mixed together not so much :slight_smile:


Why would you want to ruin a good Port? :? [/quote]

Yeah buddy. My thoughts exactly.

Just Guinness and a shot of Jameson around here. St. Paddy day is next week and I will do at least one maybe two.

I put some port in an Olde Brune some years ago, only a cup or so in a five gallon batch if I remember correctly. Added a bit of fruity complexity over what the base beer already had, but it didn’t wow me to the point that I’ve repeated it since.

Definitely follow the advice to test dosage before adding to the whole batch if you go forward with this.

Think a dubbel would be a good beer to experiment on with port wine mixed with it. I also have some blackberry honey mead and some blueberry that am thinking would mix nice with a porter or a stout. Maybe make some one gallon batches and experiment alittle.

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