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Mixing different yeast strains

I made an all grain American Wheat 6 weeks ago with WLP 320 AM Hefe “for an Oregon style Hefe”. Just getting into it now, it is good, but has a bit too much clove. Fermented in the range given. It made a beautiful looking beer. I read on the White Labs site that mixing yeast in a batch can give you some “mellowing” of flavor. Has anyone tried mixing WLP 001 and WLP 320? I used two viles of the 320 in the 5 gallon batch per Mr Malty. Trying to get close to a Widmer, which has a very faint clove and bananna taste.


You’ll get more consistent results if you either change your fermentation temp to encourage the flavor/aroma you desire or change to a yeast that is known to produce them. If you mix two yeasts together in primary, it’s a crap-shoot over which one will dominate.

I much prefer Wyeast 1010 for AM hef.

You’re 6 weeks in…like you said ‘just getting into it’. I’ll bet within 2 more weeks the clove mellows a ton. The clove aroma (ester) comes from a specific group of phenols…they will drop out of solution given time. If you want to speed it up so you’re drinking a cleaner beer sooner…put it at 35 for 7 days before packaging…if possible.

You’re idea for blending yeasts will work also…it might take you a while to find the correct ratios for your taste. The 001 will out compete the 320 pretty quickly…just a guess…i could be completely wrong.

Sound like a fun experiment.

I would sooner split the wort into two fermenters, pitch each yeast into one, then blend the finished beer. You can repeatedly combine small portions and change the ratio to find your desired flavor. You’ll know exactly how much each strain contributed.

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