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Mix Stir vs Wine Wand vs o2

For aerating how would you compare this mix stir: ... 2p1366.htm

to a wine wand?

I also have access to an o2 tank and I would just need a stone. Would 2 micron be right?
I’m just thinking it might be a pain to fill the tank and keep the stone sanitary?

Something like a wine wand or mix-stir seems easy and reliable. Would the wine wand be significantly better at oxygenating in a better bottle?

Should i just get over it and use the o2 tank? Either way i’d like to hear opinions mix-stir vs wine wand.


I thought Mix Stir and Wine Wand were just different names for essentially the same thing.

I personally think that O2 injection isn’t worth the expense. Maybe if you’re doing a lot of high-gravity brewing. In addition to the tank you’ll need a regulator, an inline filter, a <1 micron stone, and ideally a flow rate meter.

The mix-stir can scratch (gouge is probably a better description, though) the BB if you let it touch the bottom or sides.

I’ve used shaking, then aerating with an aquarium pump, then the mix-stir, and finally with pure O2. I much prefer the O2.

Wine wand is more whispey looking. Mix-stir you will see in the picture I linked is more stubby.

I’ll have to take a look at the tank tonight, basically it’s an o2 tank that was left over from a dental office. I think it had the valve thingy and a hose (yes I am extremely technical minded). I figured I just hook up the stone and open the valve a bit? More complicated than that?

That’s all I do. You could get a stone from walmart (<$2) in the pet section and away you go.


$2 really. Man I’m gonna have to do that. I don’t know why I waited so long!

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