I made an Irish Red AG. I dumped the yeast slurry in the last step. With some yeast in the flask, I rinsed the flask in some star san solution. It was about 1/2 cup or so. I did a 5 gal batch. Will this affect the beer? I did not do any readings or any thing else.

This is not clear to me, so you put some star san into yer yeast BEFORE you pitched into yer brew? I would believe you could have a problem… Maybe once in the brew the star san would be diluted but before, I would think it will kill yer yeast… I am curious now ifn any of the long timers here has been there and done it… I haven’t…… yet…. Sneezles61

1/2 cup in 5 gallons you probably won’t taste it and it won’t kill you but try not using anymore when you keg it.

You likely killed the yeast you were trying to rinse from the flask due to the low pH of the starsan. Doubt it will have much affect on the beer otherwise.

I had the wort. The yeast was pitched for 24 hours in a flask w/o star san. Once the boil was done, I put the yeast in the wort. I had a little yeast slurry in the flask and rinsed the flask out. I was getting activity from the yeast a few hours later. A day later, the activity quieted down. Can I take the airlock off to check the smell. I think the yeast is ok because of the white clusters look like others. But if if is dead, can I pitch more yeast? Wished I could say I did it because of the ph.

Activity as in Kreusen or bubbles in the air lock? Might be done fermenting depending on the temp you pitched at. Only way to know is to take a hydrometer reading.

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Bubbles are in the airlock. The temp of the 1 ferm is 62-65. Learn something new all the time.

Take hydrometer reading. If it’s not done and the reading stays the same you can pitch more yeast.

thanks for the thoughts. Taking reading tonight!!

confused so you did add yeast and starsan
think this might be a issue on the beer flavour

At a ratio 320:1 never going to taste it. That’s if you used the recomended starsan dilution of 1oz to 5gallons of water. I actually use less than an ounce.

I took a reading. and it was low. I did taste it and it taste like beer. I add another package of yeast.I have a difficult time reading a hydrometer. It sounds funny. I have a bobble hydrometer. I know what the “1” is on the top of meter. It is the “.01” so on with the slash marks by another ".02"and other slash marks. When a first reading is done and it says 1.045 that means to me that the .04 should followed by the slash marks.

You may want to try using brix…. A little bigger and easier to read. Multiply yer number by 4 and you get standard gravity… Sneezles61

I have nice yeast clouds in the fern after adding more yeast. I will say I had some before . If I want to get the yeast going in the 2 fermenter what can I do to help the yeast go again? Sugar, Malt, or leave it? I am on planning to do another reading once in the 2 fermenter.

Ifn there is some maltose in the fermenter, the yeast will find it and work on it. Ifn you add more fermentables to your wort you will change your ABV, maybe not of any real concern for a home brewer. You could keep track of how much you add, equate it to your starting gravity and volume to determine the new ABV. Ifn you were curious… Sneezles61