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Missing something

Took a break from brewing after brewing the Sierra Madre pale ale kit. Though I fixed the issue but I spoke too soon. Still a strong phenolic off flavor. I have one kit left the Irish red ale that I’m going to brew before I take a longer break as I welcome two new additions to my family in the next month or so.

Raining today so I figured I would bring my brewing process back to the stove top and do a partial boil. I am filtering all of the water I’m using with a zero water filter. While its going to take some time I figured it was worth a shot. Trying to also skip a trip to buy distilled water.

I love brewing but all the time I spend I’m just not getting the results. I’ve read countless books, brewed 20 plus batches, adjusted my process and equipment. I’ve taken detailed notes of each brew day. The only thing that stands out is using tap water with my star san. However there are countless people who use tap water and star san. This is the only chlorinated water besides the water used for cleaning and rinsing equipment.

I would suspect the problem is your tap water. All municipal water is treated with chlorine or chloramines or both. Boiling before any ingredients are added will remove chlorine but not chloramines. One-quarter of a Campden tablet will remove chloramine from 5 gallons of water.

I would go get the distilled or RO water from town.

A charcoal filter may remove chloramines if the flow rate is very slow and the filter is not used up. I’m not sure of this though so an internet search would be best.

Looked up the Zero filter. It states it will remove chlorine but doesn’t mention chloramine.

I just started treating my tap water with kmeta before adding star san. Lhbs suggested trying it out…as it caused issues for him as well.

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Might be indeed water issues. Why dont you put a water filter. In between. You faucet. Before you add the water. In your kettle. Or you might try a different yeast.

My local water report only lists chlorine and chlorine dioxide but here is about chlorimine and the zero water filter. It’s a very slow water filter. Took a long time to filter 2.5 gallons for the partial boil, 2.5 gallons for Star San and the top off water. Not an ideal solution but it takes my tap water from about the 175-225 ppm or total dissolved solids to 000.

And the point (I may have missed your answer) about the Campden tabs? Did you ever try these? They would be a good option for treating your star san water…and really I use it for all brewing water…I don’t have any water issues(if my beer sucks it’s the brewer, not the water :joy: )

Oh, and congratulations on the two new Additions to your family!!

In my family, "two new additions " to the family means 2 deadbeat relatives are moving in :joy: :joy:

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