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Missing old post--German Lager discussion

Hi all.

I was thinking of german lagers today, and I recalled an old thread on the old forum with much discussion about german lagers. I remember the fella who started the thread had an avatar with him pictured with a cigar and a mug of beer, if I recall.

Does anyone remember this? I seem to recall a lot of good info being exchanged in that thread, but can’t seem to find it…

That sounds familiar, but I don’t remember his username.

Here’s a link to Ken Lenard’s web site:

Ken used to participate in quite a few discussions here but has now moved over to the Brews Brothers forum. His site has lots of excellent recipes and brewing suggestions for German lagers - so does Brews Brothers.

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Building on what @old_dawg offered, could it be this forum topic
Yuengling Traditional Lager: Brewed, tasted and verified! Yuengling Traditional Lager: Brewed, tasted and verified!

I looked briefly at - it looks really good. Thanks @old_dawg!!

Thanks for the thoughts.

I am familiar with Ken Lenard’s website and recipes. He has helped a lot of homebrewers (myself included) with lager brewing.

In the post I am thinking of, the author had been to Germany, and was on a collaborative quest to recreate the flavors he experienced while in Germany (I want to say Helles, in particular). There were hundreds of posts in the thread, as I recall, and it could have been posted as much as 8-10 years ago. He was able to keep the thread going in the right direction though not without some effort.

I found some old NB forum posts thru the internet archive (remember BeerFan’s “SNPA cloning made very simple”, for instance?) but can’t seem to find this one yet.

more details…the poster’s handle was “selair” and google tells me the thread I am remembering was actually about weissbier…“great weissbier project of 2007”. My memory isn’t what it used to be…but then neither is the NB forum’s archive

As a confirmation, I was also able to find just the 1st (of 11) pages here: The Northern Brewer Homebrew Forum :: View topic - The Great Bavarian Weissbier Project of 2007. It appears that the rest of the discussion isn’t there (at

It looks like the recipe may have been copied into this NB thread: German hefeweizen recipe - #8 by chris_roe.

Thanks for digging that up,

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