Mishap during wort, fix during secondary?

The recipe called for addition of corn sugar (5 oz) for the full boil, I skipped this unintentionally. Should I add this in when I transfer to the secondary. (I would of course boil it and dissolve, then reduce to room temp.) It is a one gallon batch, so I know even small changes have a big impact, especially since im basically removing food for the yeast (US-05 6-7g).Can I save this beer or is it still okay.I dont have an OG unfortunately. I am fine if all it does is reduce any potential ABV though.

Thanks for any knowledge

Many folks will add sugar additions in primary(after the krausen has formed) instead of the boil. This allows the yeast to begin the process eating more complex sugars so they do not become lazy. Your boil, dissolve, cool method is on target, and I would do it during primary–only because that’s what I’ve heard from others, I don’t have first hand experience.

What style of beer is it? I’m assuming it’s extract. If it is, your sugar addition will play a significant role since extract batches tend to be a little less attenuative than all grain anyway.(at least in my experience)

Good luck!


Everything will turn out fine. I’d boil it up, cool, and throw it in there at any time.

Thanks for the reply guys, I will add it later tonight to the primary ( I still have room in the fermentor)

It is an extract ipa