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Mint Winter Beer Help?

I had a winter beer that had some mint taste to it, at a micro brewery years ago, and haven’t really seen any kits that describe that beer. Does anyone have a recipe for a beer like this, or can point me in the right direction?
The brewery was Blue Cat in davenport Iowa.

No idea about the beer but you could probably add some fresh mint leaves late in the boil or even do a “dry hop” for some flavor and aroma. A mint tea added at kegging/bottling time would give you the ability to add based on taste too.

Might want to start by contacting the brewery.

Also, I’ve smelled some hops the have a distinct mint aroma to them, can’t remember the name though…

Thanks, I would contact the brewery about it, but its been like probably 10 years ago, I dunno if they would even know what I’m talking about. ILL give it a try through, also I will look into the other suggestions.
Thanks again

“Just brush your teeth and then drink a beer.” This was a description a friend had when he made a peppermint beer.

The same friend brewed a porter with German Northern Brewer hops and it tasted like chocolate with a hint of mint. It was really good, and he won 3rd place Porter in the NHA competition that year.

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