Minneapolis Welder Recommendations

I’m looking to have a brew stand fabricated for me (as opposed to learning how to weld, myself), but the welder I had lined-up moved to Colorado! Does anyone have any recommendations for welders in the Minneapolis area?

I sent you a PM on the welder that I’ve used. If others are interested I’ll shoot them a PM, but I’d rather not publish his info on a public forum without his consent. He’s a welder for a local dairy, so he doesn’t sanitary welding for a living and does work on the side from his house. On top of it, he’s a great guy.

Would yo mind PMing me with his info…I don’t need anything right now but it’s always nice to have a contact when needed.


But does he like craft beer? :shock:

Maybe Edward teach could help a fella out :wink:

I’m not too far from the cities and have access to a very large welding shop… 8)