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Minneapolis Tap Water

Rather than make the hotly debated “water” thread even longer and more meandering…I’ve decided to make a new post specifically about Minneapolis Tap Water.

Wondering if anyone has any observations about the folliwing info…pulled straight from the most recent Minneapolis Water Quality Report:

Flouride: 1.06ppm

Haloacetic Acids: 22.63ppb

Nitrate as Nitrogen: .36ppm

Total Trihalomethanes: 28.28ppb

Turbidity: .33NTU (highest single measurement)

Chlorine: 3.32ppm (highest quarterly average)

Copper: 90% of samples <.07ppm

Lead: 90% of samples < 2ppb

Sodium: 9.9ppm

Sulfate: 25.5ppm

I see that most of the chatter on water revolves around sulfate and chlorine. Are these levels here significant? How so?

My inclination is DWHAHB, but wondering if these figures stand out to anyone.

I am a noob and doing only extract at this stage.

Bob ... ter_report

Read ^

In addition to what you have there, you’ll want the calcium, magnesium, and chloride (not chlorine) levels, plus either the bicarbonate concentration or the total alkalinity.

Since you are an extract brewer the water isn’t as critical either. Just use the water and add a campden tablet as you are heating it up. This will remove the chlorine.

[quote=“BYO Magazine”] ... t-of-water

Getting rid of chlorine. Chlorine that passes from your water into your beer may lead to medicinal aromas that you don’t want. Chlorine levels in your water supply can vary greatly, so your best bet is to smell your water. If there is a noticeable chlorine odor, you might want to think about getting rid of the chlorine. If the water is chlorinated, you can drive off the chlorine simply by boiling your brewing water. You may also “out gas” the water by letting it sit uncovered for 24 hours. Your simplest option is to buy a small carbon filter and run all your brewing water through it. Carbon filtration will also work if your water department uses something other than, or in addition to, chlorine, such as chloramines.[/quote]

I doubt you can smell 3.3ppm you’re fine.

I extract brew and have no issue with using what comes out of the tap in 612. Minneapolis has a world class water filtration system. I wouldn’t worry about anything unless you were stepping up to All grain.

Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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