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MiniBrew MLT for electric kettle?

Has anyone tried using a MiniBrew Mash Lauter Tun as an electric kettle? It looks like it is set up pretty well with all the fittings, and that the right 120v electric element would fit in the bottom and bring it up to mashing temp in about 40 min, and then on to boiling temp in another 20-30. I’m interested in trying it but if anyone has run into troubles or advice it’d be nice to hear.

Not sure I’d be wanting to boil in plastic. Most plastics aren’t rated for 212F. Or do they have a metal version?

They list the type and brand of HDPE they use and I found a spec sheet online saying that the melting point is somewhere over 270 degrees, but a few of the bend tests were in the hundreds. So, I’d expect it to get soft but not melt.

I guess my questions would be is it FDA approved at boiling temps? Many plastics are only “food grade” up to certain temps.

A plastic bucket of boiling wort would definitely be worth posting a picture though.

I hadn’t thought about it being food safe at temperature for a time, but looking into it I think it probably is. For one, HDPE is listed as microwave safe which means that they have specifically tested it at temperatures encountered in microwaving. I checked with MiniBrew and they also feel that it is food safe at boiling temperature.

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