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Mini mash

I just posted an extract and grain recipe for a smokey porter and it was suggested that I do a mini mash with the grain portion rather than steeping the grains.

I was wondering what the difference is between the way I do my specialty grains and a mini mash. I usually bring about 2 gal of water to 155 to 160 deg F and then add my grain bag and (what I used to call steeped them) at a continuous temp of 155 deg F for 30 to 45 min. I then removed the bag, adjusted the level to about 3 gallons and brought it to a boil before adding extract and DME.

Are the specialty grains in an extract kit typically something that doesn’t need to be converted or something that converts easily?

Is this the recipe? ... -malt.html

Looks like the smoked malt is a base grain, so “mashing” is possible.

So to your question, what is the difference? Palmer writes about it here.

Mostly it’s the same process. Although with “mashing”, normally you sparge (rinse) the grains also. Unless you are doing a BIAB.

I wouldn’t worry about it with the small amount of grain that you are using. It’s such a small amount that it’s little contribution to the OG.


This is a great forum…

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