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Mini mash question

I have been brewing for just over a year. Went AG on my 4th brew and now have 20 some brews under my belt. I just picked up a extract kit from the LHBS, as I like to go back to basics every now and then, in any hobby. Some times you relearn a basic that was forgotten,

Anyway, My question is, I am brewing a pumpkin ale, extract and I’m thinking of doing a mini mash of the specialty grains with a couple cans of pumpkin in the mash. My plan is to do a BIAB mash in a couple quarts of water, and then basicly rinse the mash in the remaining full amount of water that is at 170* for 10 mins or so. Pour the first mashed water into the kettel, then heat to boil and add the extract. Add the hops and spices at the recomened times. Am I looking to have any bad effects from this, and if so what?

Well it’s too late now, this is exactly how I did it. and then to really change up an extract brew, I used the yeast from my last AG. I bottled that yesterday,and put the fermentor bucket back in the cool chamber, and then when the pumpkin brew was cooled I just drained the boil kettle right on top of the yeast, trub and all. I added O2, and put the fermentor back in the chamber. I just checked it after 2 1/2 hrs and its bubbleing away like crazy.

Then just for fun, since I brew in the garage. I brought and little bit from the gravity check in to the house and boiled some inside now the house sells like pumpkin spiced wort.

Did you add any 2 or 6 row to the specialty grains/pumpkin?

Otherwise sound good.

Pale malt, and 40L crystal. 1/2 # each, so I only used 1 can of pumpkin. 7Lbs. DME, and spices. 1oz willamette , 60 min. 1oz. hallertauer 10 min. Pinch of Irish moss. reuse Safeale 05. Ferment chamber is set at 60*, I’ll ferment it 3 weeks. drop the temp to 40* for a few days and use brown suger to bottle condition, for 2weeks, try one and wait another week. then I’ll report back. :blah:

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