Mini Fridge?

Greetings - I am a new home brewer and this will be my first time brewing during the summer season… I also live in a warm climate. So my plan is to pick up a mini fridge for use during active fermentation for ales, pilsners & lagers.
Here is my concern / question: If I put my 6 gallon carboy in the refrigerator during active fermentation, will there be enough air space to disperse the expelled carbon dioxide? Does the fermentor need ventilation? Or, would it be alright to set the temperature and just leave it in there for a week? Thanks for your response in advance.


Should be fine. I don’t vent my chest freezer. But I do check on it every day during active fermentation. I have checked the concentration of co2 in the freezer using a lighter and once I lower the flame a few inches below the lid the flame dies. Never had a problem.

Are you going to control the temp? Thats the best way to utilize a fridge/freezer for fermenting. Our host has a few options, which I employed, and has changed my brews for the better…. Sneezles61