Mini Fridge help

Hi all–I want to get a mini fridge in which to keep my Corny keg. I’ve looked at
several, all of which have a small freezer section. In addition the interior dimensions
I am seeing are too small–I need at least 27 inches in height inside.

Can anyone tell me if an Igloo 4.5 cu. ft. Refrigerator and Freezer (picture below)
will hold my gear? Product in Inches (L x W x H): 21.5 x 20.25 x 31.5

Or can you recommend a make or cubic footage?



if you have the room, please consider a regular sized used refrigerator. You can do so much more with it. Try craigslist. I see fridg’s on there for $100

Hi and thanks for responding. I was looking at some reg sized units this afternoon and my rig
would fit no worries, but i had the idea of someday putting the mini fridge behind a small bar. Do you keep your keg in a full sized fridge? if so did you rig a tap handle/drip tray? Really curious about my options.


I use a side by side. It holds 4 corny kegs. I have 3 taps. I don’t have a drip tray but I need one. :wink: