Mind Blown by Dubbel (Abbey by New Belgium)

I am NOT a connoisseur. Not even an expert, Skipper.

I got a 12 pack from New Belgium (Folly) including Abbey Belgian Ale.
First, I was happy with all 4 beers in the sampler, but this one is really a new experience.
I’ve only tasted a part of this taste before, when I used a Belgian yeast for a Saison.
The rest of this taste was like some kind of rich beer dessert.

So… I don’t know if this is a good example of the style, but I LIKE it. Any advice on what I can brew to attain something like this?

Looks like a lot of that flavor you are enjoying is from fairly dark crystal and a little chocolate malt, along with some munich and caramunich. They don’t use it in Abbey, but Special B malt will give you a lot of that type of flavor too.


I think it’s a good example of the style. You should read “Brew like a monk.” great book.