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Mimosa IPA

I’ve had a R&D batch working it’s way through the fermentation and aging process for the past month. Today, it goes down for cold conditioning, clarifying, and carbonation.

OG was 1.104 with 13oz of hops in the boil, 7.5oz at flameout. Five days into fermentation (pitch rate was .5mm / mL / dP) gravity was at 1.037. It was like a blood orange mimosa.

I started wondering: why not do a brunch IPA like this, where I cold crash it and .5 micron filter it and serve it that day. It’s 8.5% abv (est) with a huge amount of residual sugar (still 9 dP), so I imagine that it would not hold up well over time and be prone to infection.

Anyone ever do something like this?


I’ve been having brunch IPAs for a few years now… of course it was never aptly named or deliberately made :mrgreen: I say pioneer away on this one. Sounds promising.

I suppose your plan would work, but I’ve never had a sweet IPA that I’ve enjoyed. I think I’d rather have a real Mimosa made from an IPA and OJ (or even a syrup made from an OJ reduction) than a beer that finished that high.

Sweet beer is awful. Don’t do it.

I could see adding some OJ to a citrusy/grapefruity IPA. Just might have to try this. Though I agree that the idea to leave the beer sweet doesn’t sound like a good idea.

I made an El Dorado IPA not long ago and in spite of it being fairly dry the tangerine/passion fruit hop character made it seem sweet.

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