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Milwaukee Brewing Co Cream Ale

One of my complaints with Brew Pubs is I have failed to find a combination of excellent beer and good food in the same place. Saturday we went to the Milwaukee Ale House where I had a pint of Cream Ale, a pint of Louie’s Demise, and the Pot Roast made with their Stout.

Cream Ale: Easy drinking, beautiful honey color, nice creamy head. Very low hop bitterness, a close second to Spotted Cow.

Louie’s Demise: Bright amber color, multi-layered aroma with caramel and malt. Light hop spice with very little bitterness. This is their signature beer and I would go out of my way to purchase this.

Pot Roast: Beef, beer, mashed potatoes. Need I say any more.

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