Milled grain shelf life

I recently bought some grain for an AG batch that I wanted to do, and as I thought I would be brewing it the next day, I had it crushed at the store. Due to some unforeseen events that arose, I haven’t been able to make that session happen, and my grains have been sitting at my house for a little over a month.

Will this still be good to use, or should I toss it and get a new batch?

You should be fine. If you can but the crushed grain in a cool, dark place.

I just recently brewed an IPA with 3 week old crushed grain and the wort tasted fine. I chewed on a pinch or two of the grain prior to brewing and it didn’t taste stale or anything. You should be OK.

I kept about 10# of crushed malted wheat in the freezer, sealed in freezer bags, for about 6 months. I blended a few # of it in 3 different beers to get rid of it, and could not detect any stale or off flavors from the old wheat. I wouldn’t suggest doing that as standard practice, but as long as the grain tastes OK then it should be OK to use.

It will keep for months easily under the right conditions.