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Mill gap for NB 12" false bottom

I have a Barley Crusher set to 0.03". I have been getting a few stuck sparge even when using rice hulls. I have 83% efficiency. I am looking for an ideal gap setting because my false bottom is plugging now and then.

.03 doesn’t seem so tight, but at 83% efficiency, i’d just crush a bit wider… maybe .033?

is that 83% mash efficiency or total system efficiency including mash tun deadspace and trub loss, etc? 83% brewhouse efficiency seems like you might be crushing smaller than .03 but that would depend on your other losses.

You need to tell us more about your system. Crush is one piece of the puzzle.

Are you vorlaufing properly to set the grain bed without compacting it?

Does your false bottom remain flush to the bottom of the mash tun or is lifting up?

What is your mash ratio?

Are you using a recirculating pump?

Do you wet mill?

Do your grain husks look torn?

If your false bottom remains flush with the bottom of the cooler and you’re not draining too fast and your grain husks aren’t torn, then perhaps try wet milling.

As a last resort:

83% is a little high, more efficiency isn’t always a good thing, shoot more for 75-80.

Widen the gap to .033 or maybe even .035 for barley. Too fine a crush and your grain bed isn’t held in suspension and just a little suction will suck it tight.

The gap at the NB brewer store is fixed at .040 and I’ve never gotten below 75%, but then you need to have your water right…

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