Milk Stout Final Gravity Question

Hi all,

Been away from the forum for a bit, but I’m making a milk stout and I’m wondering about the final gravity.

I’ve never brewed with Lactose before, so I was wondering if that messes with the final gravity. Also, my beer was at a temp a little lower than recommended (it was 59 instead of in the 65-70 range). It started fermenting within 12 hours of pitching a smack pack and formed a good krausen layer, but after a week the krausen hasn’t subsided like I’ve seen in the past.

The starting gravity was 1.050, and right now I’m around 1.028.

Soooo…is my fermentation a little stuck, is the final gravity higher when using lactose, or am I just being impatient?



lactose does result in a higher final gravity. your beer might be done fermenting but it’s hard to know for sure. give it some more time just in case. let the krausen subside

how much lactose did you use?

I brewed the Chocolate Milk Stout in August. Final starting gravity was 1.059, and ended at 1.020. I would try warming it up to 65 degrees.

Thanks for the replies. I moved my fermenter to a room where it will be a little warmer.

I used a pound of lactose in a five gallon batch with 6lbs of lme.