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Milk stout as a base

Hey guys. Pretty new to brewing here. Did a batch of the honey kolsch and it turned out pretty good, a little off on carb but not bad. Thinking about a milk stout next. Read some posts on here about adding things for different recipes for peppermint chocolate stuff like that. Curious to hear some things people have tried and what you used for flavoring, how much etc.

I love just a straight Milk Stout. I however do one for a friend of mine with cold pressed coffee and vanilla. Very tasty.


And in thinking about making a good base beer first, you have successfully avoided one of the cardinal mistakes most of us made when we started, which would be thinking about adjuncts and flavorings before the beer itself.

A milk stout is delicious on its own, but I think a good (and fairly conservative) way of thinking about what additions would be good is to think of it as a cup of coffee with cream. So chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut… anything you like in coffee would work, as would coffee itself.

Add flavors to a secondary fementer, and start on the conservative side, tasting as you add, until you find the sweet spot. Check out Denny’s BVIP recipe for a really good procedure for vanilla, and read up a bit on cold-pressed coffee, which is easy to make and gets lots of coffee flavor without bitterness. For extracts or coffee, you just add some to the secondary, stir and taste. For vanilla, you let it steep until the flavor suits you.

I’ve never had a mint stout that I wanted to have 5 gallons of, but that’s a matter of my particular taste. But I have had a great peanut butter stout. I know they used peanut butter powder, but couldn’t speak to their process.

I like milk stouts as is. Probably best to make it as is first, then start messing around.

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