Milk chocolate espresso, mmmmm

I was looking at the extract recipe for this from NB and the grain bill is simply 6 lbs. of Dark LME. I tend to lean toward the imperial stouts myself so this seems grossly under par for me. I was leaning more toward a mini-mash as well. Any of you gurus have some advice here for (or against) adding some grains (I just want to keep getting some practice for the mashing process) while I boost it up to 9 lbs. of LME? I’m thinking this will include a 33% increase of all the ingredients recommended.

NB’s ‘Milk Chocolate Stout’ recipe, right?
If thats right, there’s also a pound of specialty grains in there.
But, if you want to ‘pump it up’ , go for it.
Ordering an extra 3lb extract, or partial mashing several lbs. of 2 row would work, or as a suggestion, last week I started NB’s Cherry Stout and minimashed 1/2 lb dark munich and 1/2 lb bisquit malt plus 1/2 lb. flaked oats, 1/4 lb. wheat malt and some chocolate rye. Going to add cocoa nibs, coffee and the cherry to secondary eventually.I also upped the hops a little to compensate(added 1/2 oz).
Good luck!