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Mild English Brown?

My local brew pub makes what they call a Mild English Brown. It is my favorite brew among many good ones they make. So I’m going to try and clone it. Now I know not ever having tasted it you can’t advise me as to my effort to replicate it. But I’m hoping you can critique my recipe to point out any problems/ shortcomings.

9 lb Maris Otter
1 lb Biscuit
8 oz Crystal 60L
6 oz. Special B
6 oz Melanoidin
1 oz WLP1028 yeast
1 oz. Northern Brewer Hops (60 min. boil)
Single Infusion

What do you think?


4 years late, but I ran across your post in my research for a mild recipe. I feel bad you didn’t get a response.

I was curious how it turned out (I assume you didn’t wait for a reply…). I think it looks fine. Not sure if the biscuit and the melanoidin are belt & suspenders in what they bring, but who knows. I will say the two recipes I used special b in I didn’t like; just something about it that seemed to bring a slightly sour twang to the party. Any thought of replacing the special b with choc malt?

Strange. Without any context, I have absolutely no idea why poor @aintwegotfun never got an answer…in 2016, this forum had a WHOLE lot more peeps too! Usually one of the mods will tackle an orphan post…Maybe something happened that day, or he posted at an odd time. Dunno. Nowadays, even with a small forum, just about every post that’s not a bot or someone selling something gets an answer…

I only used Special B once. I wasn’t overwhelmed either.

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