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Mike Rowe" How Booze shaped America"

Whenever the dean of the business school threatened to sever our college relationship I took history courses to raise my GPA. I saw a promo for this on the Discovery channel and thought it might be of interest to some people on this forum. It airs tonight for the first time at 9:00pm CST. I hope it is OK to post this here.

Makes me almost wish I had cable. I will have to keep an eye out for streaming the episodes.

I remember a show posted on here that was maybe an hour long regarding the how alcohol shaped human society! May have been on NatGeo though…I can’t find it in the search but it was interesting.

Had no clue this was coming on tonight. Will be tuning in for sure while sipping on some of my own booze. Thanks

It was OK, sort of funny. I think it’s a 3 part series.

I think the Nat Geo one was “how beer saved the world.”

I enjoyed that one.

It is part of a 3 episode series. I thought it was great … I like how Mike was talking to Jim koch at the Sam Adams brewery. I was hoping Jim would of pulled out a bottle of utopias but never did.

Cool show…Mixing history and beer! I love it! DVRing the rest of the episodes.

part 2 on discovery channel now

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