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Midwest Microbreweries

I’m heading to Minneapolis and Chicago and was wondering what breweries are worth visiting. Our preference is for somewhere that sales food as well.

There are many micro-breweries in the MPLS area. Only a couple have food and the one I would recommend would be Town Hall Tap. Most of the breweries here seem to have tours on Fri. or Sat. Surly is hard to get reservations for. (Because their beer is so good) You can google for a local list of micro-brews.

3 Floyds is in Munster,IN…right outside of Chicago. They have a brewpub too.

If you run up to Milwaukee from Chicago, Lakefront Brewery is worth a visit. In the Twin Cities area Barley John’s is worth stopping at, little place but good beer and food. ... s/10006495

You’re welcome!

dammit, Nevermind…I didn’t notice that the offer ended

If you’re coming to Mpls, I’d definitely swing by Harriet’s taproom. Pretty laid back with music most evenings.

If you head downtown for anything, i’d stop by Fulton as well.
As with earlier posters…Town Hall (Mpls) and Barley Johns ( St Paul) would be worthy of a visit.

If you are looking for good beer and food when travelling, I find that visiting an excellent beer bar (gastropub) can often give you a better experience than visiting a brewery. Don’t rule it out.


In the Chicago area, Two Brothers is a good microbrewery with an interesting lineup. I think they have two locations now. As for gastropubs, I’d suggest Firkin or Hop Leaf.

It’s been a while but Slice in Chicago has good pizza and some decent beer brewed there (or near by I forget) but the restaurant/bar is pretty loud at dinner time.

Of course there is always Goose Island. Many micros have popped up since I have moved away.

Revolution’s brewpub is my pick for the place to go in Chicago. They have a new brewery and taproom close by, but no food there.

Barelyjohns is a good place. good food and good beer. I live five min from there. they started about ten yrs or less ago maybe longer cause the first time I went I don’t think I was able to drink. I kinda know the owners. my uncle and dad went to school with him.

In St. Paul a couple of good places to stop are

The Happy Gnome

The Muddy Pig

They are pretty close to each other as well.

[quote=“onthekeg”]In St. Paul a couple of good places to stop are

The Happy Gnome

The Muddy Pig

They are pretty close to each other as well.[/quote]

I second both of these places. Not breweries, but they have beers lists a mile long.

brew pubs in mn
town hall–either one will work downtown mnpls one will have a little better selection
barley johns
fitgers in duluth if you want to make the drive
great waters

breweries to check out
steel toe
indeed brewing might be open when you come
and a tons more so many oepning up lately it is hard to keep track

go to beer advocate type in the city and you will get everything

I’d say check out Fulton Brewing in Mpls too! It’s pretty close to Target Field if you wanna watch the Twins lose.

Hahaha big +1 to that

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