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Midwest have buy one, get one free on 5 or 6 gal PET carboys

Based on what I seen on here, Northern and Midwest is the same company now, SO… hopefully this is ok to post on here.

Midwest has a buy one, get one free on the PET (like better bottles) 5 or 6 gal carboys. Unfortunately they need to be identical in the order. I would of loved to get one 5 and one 6 gal but oh well. Also, for me shipping looked like about $15. would of been great if I had a few kits I needed too etc.

not sure I will jump on this, but posting in case others might want to. ... n=BOGO-PET

I am done with Midwest. I placed a pretty large order with them last Saturday and it still has not shipped. It used to be that if I ordered on the weekend, they would ship on Tue like clockwork and I would have it by Friday. Last several orders have been very slow to ship. I’d much rather order from our host’s site where I’ve always had very reasonable order cycle-time and shipping costs are lower. Or another major competitor out of California who offers free shipping for most things and will get the order to me in about the same time as Midwest.

So, off to the LHBS I go now to get some ingredients I need for a brew session this weekend…

Another place had a similar offer not long ago, and I could barely keep from ordering. I’ve already got something like ten BBs and umpteen buckets, plus several glass carboys. So I really don’t need them, but damn thats a good deal. Probably not more than $18 apiece shipped.

yep, plus I checked and ordering 4 (versus 2) hardly increases the shipping, so drops closer to about $14/per.

shame I have seen a few comments about Midwest slipping a bit. I bought my equipment kit from them and then (a few years ago) many extract kits. never had issues, but that again was awhile ago. I have been on a NB kick lately only because they have had so many to choose from.

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