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Midnight Wheat/Blackprinz in place of Carafa III (Schwarz)

Would either of these be a suitable replacement for Carafa III for Jamil’s Schwarzbier? (+/- 85% pils, 13% Munich, 2% carafa3) My understanding is that they impart a light roast with zero acrid/harsh flavors. I had great results with Midnight Wheat (about an ounce) in my roggenbier.

Give it a try. To me Caraffa III gives a chocolatey flavor. But at 2% of the grist I would assume either MW or BP would give a nice dark color without a significant flavor change.

My understanding of a schwarz is you want the breadiness/maltiness of a good german pils, but the ever so slightest faint roast character and obviously the black color. I’m thinking Prinz is the way to go.

I have a schwarzbier on tap right now with Blackprinz. It’s good, very smooth and mellow roast character. Definitely give it a shot. Blackprinz is what I use for a lot of things - black IPA, schwarzbier, often times in stouts and porters, or when I want to get a slight red/amber color.

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