Middle Class Problems

A new brewpub opened in town recently; we decided to take out a growler of their best IPA. As we’re pulling back onto our street, the bottle spontaneously splits in half, dropping most of the ice cold beer in my wife’s lap, and the front seat of my car.

Now the mad rush, The wife has to get showered and changed, and I’m grabbing the shop vac and anything that will prevent my car from smelling like Delta Tau Chi’s basement. Vacuum, spray with pet stain cleaner. Vacuum, spray with Fabreeze, repeat, repeat, repeat…

Exhausted and beerless, I go to dump the beer mud out of the shop vac, and what do I find stashed IN the shop vac? The 1/2" corded drill I misplaced sometime ago…

I love a happy ending

Did the beer kill the drill? Or is there a happy ending. :smiley:

I won’t know for a while. It’s a bit large for the “bag of rice” trick. I gave it a thorough rinsing like the shop vac. My plan is to let it air dry for a couple of weeks before I even attempt to plug it in.

Water doesn’t really destroy electronics; it’s the electricity when water, and residues left behind let the current go crazy. If I can make sure the drill is clean, and wait for it to dry, then maybe it’ll be OK…

Did they replace the growler?

Did your wife make you sleep on the couch because it was your fault you needed to go get beer and she was the one to have to hold it on the way back home?

It was my growler that popped not one from the brewpub. When I went back to get a new growler, the bartender was like, “back so soon?!” He took pity and only charged for the refill, not the new glass.
So I got a new growler, the bartender got a generous tip, and the bar got a new loyal customer.