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Mid Brew Day Accident; heated BIAB to 190*

I’m an idiot… Or just someone prone to making simple mistakes…

Either way, I’m mid-brewday and I’m making two gallons of stout to mix with cider to make a graff (Newest Brewing TV episode). I’m doing a stove top BIAB and after 30 minutes into the mash I turned on the heat and stirred for a bit to keep temp up as I usually do. Only though this time I left it on and came back 20 minutes later and it was up to 190*. So I guess it was higher than it should be for at least ten minutes.

I removed the grain and am going on with the boil for now but should I continue? For a Graff you mix the two gallons of wort with three gallons of cider I picked up from the store and ferment both together at the same time so I’m not sure if I should continue. Any thoughts???

Something very similar happened to me when I was brewing the Partial mash of Surly Bitter. Before I knew it, my partial mash was at 190. I thought, “This is going to suck”, but it turned out a lot better than I thought it would. Just keep truckin’ with it.

Well, I posted this thinking I would probably plow through anyways just to see if I can get away with it. If it were a normal batch I definitely would but since I am trying something new and have to blend the cider in I’m a little more hesitant.

Was it during the mash or mash-out? I would keep moving right along like nothing happened.

It was during the mash. When I do BIAB on the stove I loose too much temp if I just let it ride for 60 minutes so I kick it with a bit of heat at the 20-30 minute range. This time I turned the heat on, stirred it up and walked away… Oops.

So all the grain was in there at 175-190* I’d guess for at least ten minutes. Not getting stirred I might add…

Anyways, it’s over. I finished the batch. Will report back when this thing is done.

I did a 75 minute BIAB mash yesterday and I had to juice it a bit and ended up at just above 160. I stirred it with the lid off for a few minutes and thankfully the temp came right down. Good luck.

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