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Michalobe or BETTER?

None of the normal terms really mean anything to me in discriptions of kits,
I never thought of beer tasting like a bisciut, nutty, citrus, chocolate etc…

Of any store bought beers, I guess Michilobe Amber Boch would be closet to what I am looking for.
A bit stronger taste though.

Seems I think the flavor of most beers I buy is just not strong enough ot not there much at all.
PBR does not have much taste to me, Millwuakee Best tastes almost like water to me. I but those because I am cheap when buying store bought.
I don’t care allot for BUD or Miller either.

I found and tried “FAT Tire” the other day, not anything I plan to spend $9 a six pack on ever again! LOL
Good, but not what I want. Had too much Orange peel type taste.

Not really much of a beer selection in my area.

I had posted last year or early this year, My favorite was an old beer called DUKE or DUKANE around Ohio years ago.
I got the story on how it disapeared, but there was mention of someone was supposed to be bringing it back again soon, maybe this year.

Anyway, anyone have suggestions for strong flavored beer similar to a Michilobe Amber Boch?
Or DUKE if you got it LOL

I would say that the cream ale kit they sell here is about what your looking for. Brew it as it is in the kit first, then you can try adding more DME or more/less hops as you make it fit your taste. I think you will like it.

I wish I could find some Fat Tire with some flavor.

I think you should buy a lager kit like Octoberfest or Bavarian Dunkel kit and then use an easy to use, clean ale yeast like Wyeast 1007 German Ale. It will give you some fruit, but if you can ferment at 60 it should not be too much. You can use lager yeast if you can ferment from 45-50 and lager from 32-34. These kits will have more flavor and probably a bit more alcohol than Michelob, but should be in the same basic style from a hops and malt perspective. You can add 20-30% corn sugar and water it down to 1.050 if you want it to be Michelob’s 5.2%. Even some of the reviews I read about Michelob Amber Bock said it had a bit of fruitiness.

You can do an internet search for Duke beer and get quite a bit of info. They had several varieties of beer so pick the one you liked and try to find a basic recipe that matches it. It will never taste the same, but it may get you what your palate is looking for.

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