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MFL and the new keg

I have a new keg, new kegerator kit, with pass thru tap and an old corny keg too.
The MFL’s work like a charm on the old keg. On the new keg, I have to keep applying pressure to the co2 to get it into the keg and cant even get the tap line in properly.

I tend to break things, so I dont want to break things trying to force them on. But I am to the point where I am considering trying a tool (hammer) to knock it onto the post. Pushing as hard as I can with my hands isnt getting me anywhere.

I know co2 is getting in there (now that I am forcing the MFL down with my hand) and can see that with the release valve, but the line out even when I push on it like the co2 side I cant make it work.

Any advice?

Are you sure it has the right post on it and they are not mixed up?

When you say new keg is it brand new or just a used keg that is new to you ?

Here are pics of the two different posts. ... -lock.html ... -lock.html

Its the springs! They are way to tight, the pieces cannot open the seal…
Problem identified!

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