Meteorite Plinian fermentation

Hey all,
I brewed my second extract Plinian six days ago (the first batch was superb)and as expected the fermentation took off like a meteorite and required a large blow off tube. However the difference this time from the first is that after just three days it went from peak activity to nothing. I switched over to a conventional firm lock and there’s just nothing happening. My first batch was active for at least ten days.
OG came in on the money at 1.070 and now sits at 1.012. Temps are consistent at 66 -67 f.
Wyeast 1056 1000ml starters for both as well.
I’m a bit baffled and wondering, could this thing be done already?!!

Are the temps of the room or the wort (warmer wort in the same temp room/chamber)? Also the age of the yeast could be different. 1000ml starter of fresh yeast compared to the same for older yeast would make a big difference.

Those would be my two guesses…

Room temp is consistent but, I think you may be on to something.
First time around the 1056 arrived inflated, like it had already been smacked. I should have noted the date but didn’t,only that it was acceptable.
Since this thing has such a monster dry hop schedule I’ll sit on it and keep to the schedule. I’ll post final FG and end results.


Just thought I would follow this post up with a closing.
The Plinian was transferred and dry hopped as directed,final gravity prior to bottling was 1.012.
Bottle aged for three plus weeks, and other than a LOT of bottle sediment the brew is perfect and just as good if not better then my first run with this kit!