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Metallic Taste building in first brew

Hi guys,

Brewed my first beer, IPA (all grain) which tasted great when carbonation was complete. Was fine for 3/4 days, nice and hoppy, smooth but as the days pass I am noticing a slightly bitter taste develop. It’s the aftertaste which isn’t quite right. I guess it is kind of metallic/earthy but slightly strange that it wasn’t there from the outset? - Again, if it were green, it would have been there from the beginning?


It tastes fine currently when you taste it, its really the lingering after taste which is causing the issue

Oxidation most likely. It’s heartbreaking. All of my Neipas end in this same way because I bottle and cannot drink them fast enough.
How much dry hops did you use?



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Chloramine maybe?

Wouldn’t chloramine be there from the beginning (I ask without knowing what that tastes like)

yeah I’m thinking either water or oxidisation. i used tap water untreated (gonna use bottle for my brew on Sunday). also when i bottled i was getting a lot of bubbles in the bottling wand (which was faulty i realised after) so this could well be true too! i have since replaced. hopefully doing both of these will fix :confused: shame because it turned out really nice!

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Might be the water. Here on island. They use lots of chlorine. Had some off flav. So build my self. A water filter system. Collect water real slow. Pfff 2 cups coffee. 3 smoke. Bunch of music. Before done collection. The brew water volume. Me use camben tablets as well. Must say. No more off flav

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When I hear metallic I think astringency. Did you check your mash pH? It could very well been above the 5.6pH ‘cutoff.’
Oxidation can lead to astringent like qualities. A heavy hand on hops can also lead to astringency. Chlorine/chloramines can also lead to astringency.
I’ve given you a lot to think about! My point is there are many things that can lead to astringency so it’s hard for us to ‘nail’ it down. To do so you’ll have to change some things but do so one factor at a time. Start simple by treating your next water with campden tabs for chlorine/chloramines. If that’s not it, move onto the next culprit. Of course avoiding O2 ingress is always beneficial post fermentation.

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